Hi! I’m Ms. Plush, the founder, and CEO of Vatarie Cosmetics. I want to tell you a bit about myself so you can understand why I started creating cosmetics and what’s important to me.  

I am a fun-loving, girly girl and lover of all things fashion and makeup. I love feeling confident and think that everyone should step out each day feeling as awesome as I do. I want to share with the world the joy and excitement that being well put together brings me. At the same time I want you to know that you are naturally beautiful. It is my belief that you don’t have to choose between being naturally beautiful and “made up” beautiful. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am my first beholder every morning I wake up. You are your first beholder and your beliefs are truly what matters.

I urge you to wake up every morning, look into the mirror, and tell yourself that you are a beautiful and confident human being. Makeup doesn’t validate you but it does make life a lot more fun. After all, look into nature? How many different trees, flowers, and plants do you see? Are they all the same? No! Let’s take a lesson from nature and strive to always bloom regardless of the other plants that stand beside us.



Every day and in every aspect of life I see high fashion. Whether it's putting on your favorite dress, some fly sneakers, or some nice fitted jeans and a blouse. You can always amp it up with some lipstick. The choice is yours, but be sure you make a statement because that is what fashion is all about. While not everyone is comfortable wearing clothing items that may attract attention, your entire demeanor doesn’t have to be drab. One popping lip can change your regular jeans and t-shirt routine into a glamorous look.




With this driving force I started to test a number of product ingredients and had manufacturers create some formulas for me. I wanted the best products for myself and the best products for my customers. During this time I did a lot of research, and I do mean a lot! It was hard work but it was something that I felt good about and anything that makes me feel good is something I want to own. I want other women to have this same feeling after purchasing and using my cosmetic products. This brand is my baby and has always been my dream. After 3 1/2 years of talking, thinking, praying, and dreaming about this, I am excited to finally share my very own brand - Vatarie. I hope you enjoy all the hard work that goes into each product I create..





Our mission is to inspire every beautiful human across the globe and have fun while doing so. We want to give you that priceless reward of confidence; the means to find your inner beauty, to live to your full potential, always making a statement no matter who you are. Vatarie is for people of all gender, all races, all creeds, and all religions. I present my brand with a dream, a plan, and a purpose. I am and will continue to be unstoppable with my experience, visionary mindset, and the love and passion that has been put into each product. I strive for every product made now and added to the line in the future to be nothing less than extraordinary! Because you are extraordinary, and you deserve nothing less than that too!