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No Chemicals

Our products are safe, and environmentally friendly because we believe in natural ingredients.

Traditional Methods

Our Vegan lipsticks are made of incredible ingredients which give you bold colour, without the debilitating side effects of ingredients derived from animals.

Natural Aroma

We use a combination of naturally derived essential oils, and plant-based aroma to produce natural safe ingredients.

What is VATARIE’S brand identity?
Message From Leticia

What is VATARIE’S brand identity?

VATARIE’S brand identity reflects VATARIE of being in the top 10 power house of luxury goods, defining style and creating desire, now and forever” VATARIE is a symbol of elegance & uniqueness, and the brand's personality reflects sophistication, wealth, excitement, uniqueness, trustworthy, and a loyal admired brand.

Whether it's a Luxury collection box or vegan lashes , the ultra‐high‐end and bespoke category is no‐limits where all the craziest dreams come true the affordable way.

Welcome To The World Of Fashion

In many ways, realizing this brand's potential has been my lifelong goal. Vatarie is the product of over three and a half years of planning, brainstorming, praying, and visualizing.

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