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You wish we create! We at Vatarie know your make-up needs well. Therefore, we aim to make your life as easy as possible.

Our exclusive lipstick range works just right to compliment the diva in you. The ultimate vegan supreme cream lipstick range will take care of the delicate nature of your lips all day long. So no more worrying about lip o'clock reminders as you won't be needing any retouches all day.

Few tips from Ms.Plush on how to get the perfect look:

Mind doing some basic steps for perfect lips every time.

1. Exfoliate lips before the application of the product.

2. Make sure to apply an even layer to the upper lip and then to the bottom.

3. Don't apply more than 3 layers for an ideal matte finish.

4. Stickiness may occur if the product is not allowed to dry for a while after application.

What are you waiting for? Hit add to cart and get your hands on the most pocket-friendly lip fix now!

THIS PRODUCT IS 100% CRUELTY-FREE AND ECO-FRIENDLY! Thought with love, made with love for the lovely you!

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